グローバル netsnmp_add_varbind_to_cache
make this be more intelligent about ranges. Right now we merely take the highest level commonality of a registration range and use that. At times we might be able to be smarter about checking the range itself as opposed to the node above where the range exists, but I doubt this will come up all that frequently.

グローバル netsnmp_read_data_callback
make netsnmp_read_data_callback deal with a free routine

グローバル netsnmp_register_save_list
netsnmp_register_save_list should handle the same token name being saved from different types?

グローバル netsnmp_register_auto_data_table
create a properly free'ing registeration pointer for the datalist, and get the datalist freed at shutdown.

net-snmpに対してSat Sep 5 13:14:28 2009に生成されました。  doxygen 1.4.7